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To help pet owners care for their pets during tough times. 

To keep pets in loving homes and out of shelters by providing free food.


We offer:  Dog food; cat food; rabbit food; and cat litter. 


As often as possible we offer: Puppy pads; new or gently used dog coats; carriers; litter boxes; leashes; and collars. 


We also provide:  Humane Education material about the importance of spay/neuter (where to go) proper care of dogs and cats. 

Ideally, we would like to also offer:  Financial assistance with spaying/neuter; flea and tick remedies; heartworm medication, identification tags and/or microchipping and financial assistance to the elderly with vet bills.

When people go to the food pantry for themselves and they have pets at home, they have been known share their food with their pets.  This is not only less nutritious for their cat or dog, it takes food off of their plate.  We understand how important their beloved pets can be to them.  Their pets undoubtedly help people get through the tough times, plus they're family members.  We can help make their day a little brighter by alleviating fear of losing their pet or not caring for them the best that they can.  

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