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Humane Education is a process that encourages and understanding of the need for compassion and respect for people, animals and the environment and recognizes the interdependence of all living things.

The Institute for Humane Education sets out four key elements of humane education: According to Zoe Weil the Essential Elements of Humane Education are:

"To ensure that people have the skills and experiences to be solutionaries for a more just, humane, and healthy world, humane educators must enable others to:

Acquire knowledge: by preparing them to be enthusiastic and effective researchers who are able to obtain accurate information about interconnected global challenges and discern fact from opinion and conjecture.

Think deeply: by developing their critical, creative, strategic, and systems-thinking skills.

Make compassionate and responsible choices by developing their critical thinking skills.

Focus on solutions: by offering opportunities to collaboratively engage in problem-solving; implement ideas; and assess and improve upon them.

Do you ever wonder how many dogs and cats are in animal shelters or who are homeless? Or maybe you hear or think about abuses against minorities, the elderly or innocent children. Are you concerned about pollution, deforestation, factory farming, violence in our society or racism? Sometimes we don't even know that a particular problem exists.

We might think: "What does any of this have to do with me? What could I possibly do to make a difference anyway? I have too much going on already or I don't want to think about negative things."

Humane education inspires us to understand what is really going on and to help us find ways to be part of the solution and make lasting changes. Humane Education inspires us to tap into that part of our soul that already knows the truth and wants this world be a better place for all. Humane education inspires kindness, courage, integrity, wisdom, compassion not only for others but for ourselves as wel


Humane Education is empowering.

No matter where you are right now, remember that...

Any action taken towards more compassionate choices are valuable.

No action is too small.

There is not greater joy than to capture that moment of awareness and move into action. Our compassionate choices really can make a difference. The ripple effect of this is powerful and we are transformed. We come to understand that we are all connected - people, our planet and all the animals on this planet.

Please join us. It's a magical journey.

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