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What Do Dogs Really Need

"Do Right By Your Dog"

Dog bite prevention and the true needs of a dog go hand-in-hand.  Once you understand and implement what your dog really needs from his/her perspective, the need for training, unforeseen incidents and anxiety will be greatly reduced.  

In this engaging program, we will discuss the similarities between humans and dogs;

Different characteristics and needs of different breeds;

How to respect your dog and how to be respected by your dog; and

How to make your life with your dog fun and stress-free.

We will also discuss some key factors in properly raising a puppy.

Length of program is 1.5 hrs.

"I had just gotten a puppy Maya and thought that I was doing all that I could do for her until I met one of my neighbors, Doriane, during one of our walks.  Very politely, she asked me some questions about my life with my puppy that I had never even considered.  I took her advise.  It changed my life and the life of my dog.  My girl is so much calmer and we are both much happier.  I could not be more grateful to Doriane not only for her advise but for her approach."


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