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Some smiles of gratitude from some loving pet owners.

Judith and Isabel (pictured below) facilitate many wonderful community events in White Plains, NY. I was invited to join them when Feeding Westchester was there on this December day.  We served over 150 pet owners.  I'm happy to be part of their "family".  Rene was my awesome helper.  Update: I have attended other events with El Centro and will continue to do so.  Please check the schedule.  

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This pantry run at The Bethel Baptist Church in White Plains, NY was made possible because of an extremely generous donation of dog food from the Wish List.  This run and others are in loving memory of Josette (aka Josie)...beautiful cat who was adopted by the most kind and loving people anyone could ask for.  She lived a long, wonderful life because of them. 

She will be sorely missed.  Thank you Josie and your human family.

I'm not always comfortable asking people if I can take their picture.  Plus, we were super busy.  Everyone was surprised and very happy to see a pet food pantry.  We left with ZERO dog food left and that's a good thing!!!

Boys & Girls Club of Westchester and The American Legion

Mt. Kisco, NY 2019/2020

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My wonderful assistant Elle.
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This lovely woman left with Bruno's gently used jacket (RIP my sweet boy) , a new leash, dog food and treats!

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Elle and my dear friend Leann who came to help out. We forgot to take more pictures of some of the other sweet people who came by but we got a pix of these two guys who were so caring.  They brought home dog food for their neighbor's dog along with a warm coat for the little fellow as well cat food for a woman who is taking care of a feral. 

My faithful assistant Elle and her wonderful Mom

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