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Our Team

Doriane Lucia DiFlora, M.Ed. ~ Humane Educator

Doriane formed Humane Nation in 2002 in order to focus on the educational aspect of animals in need and continues to be passionate about creating programs that offer solutions.   


She received her Master's degree in Humane Education from Cambridge College and The Institute for Humane Education.   She is also a member of NACA (National Association for Animal Control Officers) in order to keep abreast of current plight of dogs in our communities.


Doriane's experience as an Adoption Counselor at a highly regarded shelter gave her invaluable experience and insight.  This enabled her to rescue, rehome and counsel people through her organization.

The Story of Lilly & Lou, written by Doriane is based the true story of two dogs she and others rescued in New York City. In order to lessen the load for teachers and bring Humane Education into the classroom, Doriane collaborated with Humane Educators across the country to develop the Companion Humane Education Workbook. 

Doriane has conducted Humane Education lessons with at-risk youth in Los Angeles and countless other children on the East Coast.  She also conducted a strand at The University of Connecticut Confratute which helped teachers to recognize their gifts so that they could in turn recognize the gifts and voices in their students.

While Doriane will never stop rescuing animals in need, she firmly believes that without education, nothing will change.  Her belief has been confirmed when she's turned outside dogs into inside dogs or when she sees the transformation in children when they realize that they have the power to effect change or when others follow her advise and are able to experience the joy and freedom that it brings.


Laura B. Rose ~ Donation Coordinator

Laura is the President and CoFounder of Max's Furry Family Rescue (a 501c3) founded in 2008.  She has over 20 years of involvement in animal rescue, including volunteering at a city animal shelter and fostering for various animal rescue groups in the area.  Laura was also a Volunteer Adoption Coordinator at Stamford Animal Control from 2004 to 2006.  The amount of food and supplies that Laura has brought in for our pantries is unbelievable.  We don't know how she does it!  

Jeffrey Seymour - Pet Food Pantry Facilitator and Volunteer Coordinator

Jeffrey became interested in Humane Nation when he was a postman in town.  He wondered what on earth was H.N. receiving so often and so heavy!  Once he learned about the contents of those heavy boxes (pet food) and our mission, he wanted to be involved.  What a blessing his involvement has been.  Jeffrey has a "can do", positive attitude that is infectious. He is responsible for ensuring that the pantry at Anderson's Grooming is always fully stocked and facilitates obtaining food for all pantries.

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Elle Olsen Social Media Coordinator & Pet Food Pantry Assistant


Elle started volunteering at Humane Nation  two years ago.  She expressed an interest in volunteering because she likes to help out the community and she loves animals!  She loves meeting some amazing people when she's working with H.N.  A huge win, win for us!   One of Ellle's favorite things about a prior school were the animals.  When Elle is not helping us, she likes to draw, write and spend time with her loving family.   (Doriane met Elle and her amazing mom when they were matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters and Doriane became Elle's "Big".   We are so blessed to know this wonderful young woman.

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Nicole Waicunas ~ Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) Outreach Coordinator for Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development at The University of Connecticut


We are grateful to have Nicole on board as our Education Consultant.  Prior to her work with The University of Connecticut, Nicole was a secondary English teacher for fifteen years, focusing on the implementation of the SEM in the classroom.  Prior to her work with The University of Connecticut, Nicole was a secondary English teacher for fifteen years, focusing on the implementation of the SEM in the classroom. She holds a Master's Degree in Gifted Education from the University of Connecticut.   Nicole offers expertise to Humane Nation when developing programs and lessons.

Nicole has rescued countless dogs and supports all opportunities that help educate in order to better the lives of dogs in need.


Cynthia Pighini MS Ed ~ Consultant,  Educator

We are grateful to have Cynthia on board as our Consultant and Program Guide.  She is an accomplished teaching professional with over twenty years' experience in the elementary and middle school classroom who seeks to engage students through exploration and conceptual self-discovery with the intent of applying know knowledge, investing their understanding in meaningful ways, and challenging their real-work impact.


Cynthia is a founding faculty member of Da Vinci Academy (Elgin, Il), a school for gifted and talented students, Pre-K thru Eighth grades. From 2000 - 2015 she taught first grade at the academy and was responsible for the development and implementation of the first grade curriculum based on the cognitive and developmental needs of the students. 


Cynthia is a testing consultant for Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development and has recently become involved in supporting the Elgin Math and Science Academy, a proposed charter school, based upon an expeditionary learning model.  Cynthia is also a firm believer in rescuing dogs and shares her home and heart with her beloved Poppy.


Steven DiFlora ~ Husband, Friend, Brainstormer, Heavy Lifter, Encourager

Steve is invaluable part of Humane Nation.  He is a constant reminder of all of the accomplishments achieved since the pantry began.  He lifts all of those very heavy boxes of dog and cat food and (a big one) gave up some valuable real estate in the garage to store everything!  Besides being a brilliant mechanical engineer, he's just an all around awesome human being.

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