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What's most important to you will reveal itself


While watching television as a young girl, Doriane saw a documentary on the senseless and cruel slaughter of horses for dog food as well as one depicting the clubbing and mass slaughter of baby seals for their skins. Responding to her distress, her father suggested she "change the channel". Disheartened and confused, Doriane knew this was not a solution for her. Her position as class president helped rally many people as she spearheaded local campaigns to promote the rights of animals and humans. Unfortunately, there were no classes or programs geared towards these causes so they took a back seat to regular school curriculum but always remained close to her heart.

As an adult while living in New York City, Doriane trained at The Stella Adler Conservatory. She then joined a theatre group that gave her the opportunity to work with playwrights such as Leonard Melfi and Edward Allen Baker. But something was seriously missing...

Little did she know that the desire to get a dog as an adult would open up an entirely new world. She became aware of countless animals in need of homes at rescue organizations and shelters, packs of stray dogs on the streets, pit bull fighting, factory farming and myriad other social ills. Unable to sit still and do nothing, she became proactive and searched for a network of like-minded individuals, plans and solutions.

Through the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in New York City, Doriane became certified in Humane Education and was the assistant to the Humane Education Director with lessons for children. Humane education programs presented the problems yet offered the viable, compassionate solutions and made the connection between animals, the earth and people. Inspired to understand more, she applied for the master's degree program at The International Institute for Humane Education/Center for Compassionate Living and Cambridge College in Massachusetts.

While living in Los Angeles, Doriane was employed at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA as an Adoption Counselor and Mobile Outreach Coordinator. Wanting to reach more people in order to help end the unfortunate plight all of the animals she saw in the shelters, she focused her attention on humane education. While at the Pasadena Humane Society, she was fortunate to be able to write and host some of their cable television programs called "Animal Time." This experience prompted her to start her own cable access program through Time Warner called "Cool To Be Kind". Both shows gave her the opportunity to research the topics dearest to her heart and to draw on her desire to spread the message of compassion through media to reach more people. She soon realized that while animal rescue is essential, it will be never-ending without education on a large scale.

In 2002, Doriane formed Humane Nation Foundation in order to focus on her specific purpose and mission. Her first project was working with at risk teenage girls through Children are Our Future (a group home). She teamed up with The Guardian Angels for a major event with the boys and girls of the group homes helping them to understand that it actually takes a courageous person to be kind. Subsequently, The Friends of Long Beach Animals employed her as a humane educator to teach at risk youth at Zinsmeyer Academy (a private school in Long Beach). While Doriane loves all children, she has a soft place in her heart for at risk youth and for children in foster care.   Over the years, has given countless lessons such as Dog Bite Prevention and Proper Care of Your Dog.

Doriane has vowed to never just "change the channel" while maintaining a sense of humor and hope.

Humane Nation is dedicated in loving memory of Bula ... The Doberman Boxer puppy rescued from a junkyard in the Bronx as well as Mick & Sadie who braved the blistering cold, winter streets of NYC after they were thrown from a car.  These beautiful dogs changed Doriane's life and sent her on her Humane Education path.  

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